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Date Added: Apr 5, 2003 Reviews 6 Views 7431
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Band:Agoraphobic Nosebleed [add link] [band profile
Title:Altered States of America
Label:Relapse [add link]
Released:April 1, 2003
Tracks:00. wonder drug wonderland 1:47
01. spreading the dis-ease 0:56
02. ark of ecoterrorism 0:13
03. living lolita blow job 0:12
04. thawing out 0:15
05. the need for better body armor 0:09
06. freeze-dried cemetery 0:20
07. children blown to bits by the busload 0:12
08. scoring in heaven 0:13
09. fuck your soccer Jesus 0:05
10. guided tour 0:22
11. honky dong 0:08
12. famous last words 0:18
13. Osaka milk bar 0:17
14. drive by blowjob on a bicycle 0:12
15. ten pounds of remains 0:07
16. utter mental retardation and reversal of man 0:15
17. neotropolis euphoria 0:08
18. snitch olympics 0:16
19. crawling out of the cradle into the casket 0:15
20. removing locator tooth 0:06
21. Aum shinrikyo 0:04
22. the protocols of the elders of Zion 0:04
23. the Tokyo subway gassing 0:04
24. the star of David 0:04
25. Shintaro Ishihara and the rape of Nanking in World War 2 0:05
26. Mahikari 0:12
27. micro-tidal wave 0:04
28. crop dusting 0:12
29. LSD as chemical weapon 0:14
30. illegal manufacture 0:08
31. drugging the control group 0:10
32. Alice in La La land 0:04
33. apocalypse as mescaline experience 0:10
34. the artificial religious experience 0:06
---- the twelve days of Sodom ----
35. the first day of Sodom: pussy hair prayer rug 0:05
36. the second day of Sodom: distortion in Eden 0:04
37. the third day of Sodom: serpent of the gay pride rainbow 0:04
38. the fourth day of Sodom: snaking Adam's black apple 0:04
39. the fifth day of Sodom: like a cretin on Christmas eve 0:04
40. the sixth day of Sodom: Boston hardcore caligula 0:05
41. the seventh day of Sodom: fantasizing hydrahead 0:07
42. the eight day of Sodom: lamb of the rotisserie god 0:04
43. the ninth day of Sodom: holiday bowl full of asshole 0:04
44. the tenth day of Sodom: enter the house of feasting 0:05
45. the eleventh day of Sodom: passing blunts and cunts at Relapse 0:05
46. the twelfth day of Sodom: when taking a shit feels sexy 0:07

47. poland Springfield acidbag 0:19
48. rectal thermometer 0:11
49. lemonade and a Snickers bar 0:05
50. necro-cannabalistic tendencies in young children 0:08
51. bombs with butterfly wings 0:09
52. watching a clown point a gun at a small dog (reprise) 0:16
53. mosquito holding human cattle prod 0:16
54. for just ten cents a day... 0:25
---- altered states of America ----
55. mental change(s): altered consciousness 0:06
56. radical modernism 0:04
57. human enhancement 0:04
58. juxtaposed impacts 0:04
59. unprecedented experiment 0:38
60. transparent enclosure 0:09
61. bong hit wonder 0:08
62. opening to personals ad by Richard Johnson 0:14
63. Relapse refusing U.N. weapons inspectors 0:09
64. neural linguistic programming 0:12
65. the fag vs. the Indian 0:05
66. black metal transvestite 0:18
67. Debbie does dishes 0:04
68. marine pornography (for whale cock skateboards) 0:18
69. keeping a clean kennel 0:04
70. baby mill pt. 1 (born and sold into child slavery) 0:07
71. firearms for all faiths 0:12
72. domestic solution 0:04
73. definition of death 0:39
74. discolored 0:10
75. Scott Hulk on intramuscular steroids (instrumental) 0:09
76. 4 leaches (40,000 leaches) 0:55
77. group taking acid as considered conspiracy against the government 0:06
78. small room and a six-pack 0:06
79. deviant arousal 0:06
80. unbound by civilized properties 0:08
81. they all burned! 0:12
82. shotgun funeral 0:04
83. homophobic assbleed 0:05
84. exacting revenge on pets 0:08
85. baby mill pt. 2 (white Russian) 0:07
86. narcoterrorist megalomaniac 0:25
87. releasing a dove from a ghetto rooftop 0:08
88. bipartisan buttfuck 0:14
89. bent over the cross 0:25
90. a chance at reprisal 0:15
91. altered ego 0:17
92. pin the tail on the donkey 0:21
93. latter day Mormon ritual 0:18
94. 5 band genetic equalizer pt. 3 0:21
95. absurd boast 0:10
96. burning social interest 0:11
97. whore torn vet 0:10
98. Obi Wan Kaczynski 0:12
99. placing a personal memo on the boss's desk 0:13

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:Apr 7,2003 1:41pm - post by succubus
"Altered States of America" is 100 hits of pure acid-grind! Delivering completely inhuman music with a consummate disregard for it's listener, this limited-edition 100 song 3" CD instantaneously shatters your nerves and makes a bull's-eye of your mind. Round after round, clip after clip, and unloads an arsenal of stupefying guitar work, experimental noise and drum machine-gun blast beats while swarming vocalists hatefully taunt you into the crossfire. DIE AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!

:Apr 8,2003 11:54pm - post by anonymous
Shear Insanity, this is what it truly means to have lost it, people say the drum machine makes them less brutal, but i think that the lyrics make up for it, it would probably be a safer world if we chloroformed them and threw 'em in the loony bin

:Aug 13,2003 3:09am - post by anonymous
pushing boundaries of complexity and extremity in grindcore. this release finds ANb much more noisecore oriented than FCSWD. riffs and beats are more haphazard and production is more raw but this still rules. the question is how will ANb keep topping themselves. the answer LOUDER!!! FASTER!!! LOUDER!!! FASTER!!!

:Sep 3,2003 7:50am - post by anonymous

:Feb 17,2004 7:01pm - post by dubyaisanasshole at
hi. i'm the blumpkinator, from a terrorist is born. i'd just like to say, agoraphobic nosebleed competely ripped us off. them and those hacks "anal cunt" get an original idea in your drugged out heads, art fags. i guess it is pretty good though. either way. feel free to die. you'll get a free ride to a buffet upon your arrival.

:Jun 3,2004 3:52pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
i am not quite sure what to think of this album. i think the concept of this album is great: 100 tracks of ANb's unique brand of insane, drug infested electronic grindcore on a 3'' CD that clocks in at about 20 minutes long. the only problem is, i can't seem to be able to listen to songs that are only 3-5 seconds long. i would prefer to listen to "frozen corpse stuffed with dope."
this is still a pretty cool album though, the lyrics are funny as hell.

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