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CDs released in 2002

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reviews 1/views 5605
"turbulent times"
southern lord 2002

reviews 3/views 13682
"The Scepter of the Ancients"
Unique Leader

reviews 1/views 6550
Pissing Razors
"Where we come from"

Band Name
Record Label
7 Angels 7 Plagues/ liarSplitLifeforce20020
9.11 Compilation CD9.11 Compilation CDKentax Records200210
A Life Once LostThe Fourth Plague : FliesRobotic Empire20025
Agallochthe Mantlethe End Records200212
Age of RuinAutumn LanternsTribunal Records20020
Agoraphobic NosebleedFrozen Corpse Stuffed with DopeRelapse20029
Alabama ThunderpussyStaring at the DevineRelapse20024
All That RemainsBehind Silence and SolitudeMetal Blade20023
Anal BleedingTwo Cocks In The Same HoleCDN Records20020
Arch EnemyBlack Earth (reissue)Century Media20020
As the Sun Sets8439Trash Art20022
Ashes to AshesCardinal VIIDVS20021
AVRIL LAVIGNElet go???200230
BeheaedRecounts of DisembodimentForever Underground20025
Between the Burried and MeBetween the Buried and MeLifeforce20029
Beyond FatalSanctuary in MiseryBloodsoaked Records20022
Beyond the EmbraceAgainst the ElementsMetal Blade20025
Beyond the Sixth SealEarth & SphereLifeforce20020
Bolt ThrowerHonour-Valour-PrideMetal Blade20023
Broken BonesBonecrusherRelapse20021
Burnt by the SunSoundtrak to Personal RevolutionRelapse Records200213
Cannibal CorpseGore ObsessedMetal Blade200210
Cattle Decapitationto Serve ManMetal Blade200211
Cave InTides of Tomorrow (ep)Hydrahead20020
CentinexDiabolical DesolationCandlelight20020
Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalRelapse200214
Cock and Ball TortureSadochismoAblated Records20020
Corpse of ChristScars of Stigmatarepulsive20022
Cradle of FilthLovecraft & Witch HeartsKoch20022
Cursed/Emrabce TodayAlbum Sampler CDDEATHWISH INC20020
DarkaneExpanding SensesNuclear Blast20023
Daylight DiesNo ReplyRelapse20023
DecemberLament Configurationearache20021
December AeternalisI Slept With Glass In My MouthRed Dawn Records20022
December WolvesBlasterpiece TheatreEarache/Wicked World20021
December_AeternalisI Slept With Glass In My MouthRed Dawn Records20020
Down the Suns/tRoadrunner20022
DragonlordHoly WarSpitfire20021
DrippingDisintegration Of Thought Patterns During A Synthetic MindMacabre Momentos20022
DuskMourning...ResurrectLost Disciple20021
EngineSuperholicMetal Blade20020
EntetyCadaveric Necrogrindworld war 320024
EntombedMorning StarKoch20023
Episode IImake war not peaceworld war 320020
Eternity of DarknessShip of Foolschristcrusher productions20020
Eyes like Autumndemo2002s/r20026
Fear FactoryConcreteRoadrunner20024
FleshcrawlSoulskinnerMetal Blade20021
Forsaken, theArts of DesolationCentury Media20020
GoratoryOrgasm Induced DiarrheaAmputed Vein20023
GorerottedMutilated in MinutesRelapse20022
griefturbulent timessouthern lord 200220021
HarakiriTwilight of the IdolsWillowtip20021
HateCainWorld War Music20020
High on FireSurrounded by ThievesRelapse20020
ImpaledMondo MedicaleNecropolis200212
In ExtremoSünder ohne ZügelMetal Blade20020
In flamesLunar Strain/SubterraneanCentury Media20022
INCINERATEDissecting The AngelsBrutal Bands20020
Infamythe Blood Shall Flowworld war 320020
InfestNo Man's SlaveDeep Six Records20020
InsisionBeneath the folds of fleshEarache/Wicked World20021
InsomniumIn the halls of the awaitingcandlelight20021
Internal SufferingChaos MatrixDISPLEASED RECORDS20022
It Dies TodayForever ScornedLife Sentence20022
KalmahThey will returnSpikefarm records20026
King DiamondAbigail II: The RevengeMetal Blade20022
King's EvilDeletion of HumanoiseSpinefarm20020
KriegDestruction RitualRed Stream20020
KurixisPetitioning the ColdNone/demo20020
leng_tche"Razorgrind" split 7" with Black Opsthe spew20020
leng_tche"Death By A Thousand Cuts"the spew20020
Light is the LanguageThe Void Falls SilentGladiator20023
Living SarificeConceived in FireSolid State20020
Locked in a VacancyEthosPurity Records20021
Lord BelialAngelgrinderNo Fashion20020
Lord GoreThe Autophagus OrgyRazorback Records20021
MeshuggahNothingNuclear Blast2002144
Misery Index/Commit SuicidesplitWillowtip20025
moments till death20022
Mortal DecayForensicUnique Leader20020
NDXWithin Separation Lies GrowthIndependant20020
NileIn Their Darkened ShrinesRelapse200263
NonexistDues DeceptorCentury Media20021
Norma JeanBless The Martyr And Kiss The ChildSolid State200237
NOT COMMON RECORDS Victims of the Undead (compilation)NOT COMMON RECORDS 20022
old mans childin defiance of existencecentury media20020
OpethDeliveranceMusic For Nations200218
OriginInformis, Infinitas, InhumanitasRelapse200213
PaganizerDead UnburiedForever Underground20020
PentagramTurn to StonePeaceville20022
PessimistSlaughtering the FaithfulLost Disciple20021
Pg99/Majority Rulesplit CDMagic Bullet20020
Pissing RazorsWhere we come fromSpitfire20021
Poison the WellTear from the RedTrustkill2002191
ProclamationLet the Truth be ToldLife Sentence20020
ProphecyOur DomainForever Underground20021
PsycropticThe Scepter of the AncientsUnique Leader20023
PutrilageDevouring the GuttedForever Underground20022
quellSleep Soundlyself released demo20021
RamallahBut a WhimperBridge 920020
Red HarvestSick Transit Gloria MundiRelapse20025
RegurgitateHate Filled VengeanceRelapse20020
ReprobationUndoing CreationForever Underground20020
RhapsodyPower of the DragonflameLMP20021
RiotThrough the StormMetal Blade20020
RomeroA Taste if HoneyIP20021
RossomahaarQuaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)Xtreem Music20022
SentencedThe Cole White LightCentury Media20020
Shadows FallThe Art of BalanceCentury Media20029
ShockwaveNihilistic HumanistsShockwave Music20023
silent reflecta thin line between you and men/a20022
SkinlabreVoltingRoomCentury Media20022
SoilworkNatural Born ChaosNuclear Blast20023
Split-CDsplit w/ Dwell BeneathHarvest Earth20020
Split-CDFrailty of the Human ConditionShindy Productions20020
Split-CDPerversion and the Guilt There After/5.ObeseNightfall/Terrorizer20020
Split-CDIn The Line Of FireLast Place Records20020
StabwoundMalicious Addiction-20020
SuffocationDespise the SunRelapse20026
taakeover bjorian graaterwounded love records20024
Terminal Sound SysterRH-8SBRelapse20020
Terror 2000Faster DisasterScarlet20020
The AutomataThrough The Bandage Seeps a WhisperLife Sentence200211
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20020
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20023
The CrownCrowned of TerrorMetal Blade20023
the PromiseBelieverDEATHWISH INC20020
The Red ChordFused Together In Revolving DoorsRobotic Empire200221
the RiseSignal to a NoiseFerret20020
The:encliticself titledDeep Six Records20025
Torn ApartNothing is PermanentLife Sentence20025
Triphammers/tLife Sentence20020
UnearthAbove The Fall Of Man EPStrikeforce20020
UnleashedHell UnleashedCentury Media20020
UnleashedHell's UnleashedCentury Media20022
VaderRevelationsMetal Blade20025
Various Artist "Beauty in Darkness vol 6"Nuclear Blast20020
Various ArtistSwedish AssaultRelapse20020
VehemenceGod Was CreatedMetal Blade200235
VomitoryChaos FuryMetal Blade20022
VomitoryBlood RaptureMetal Blade20020
Wage of Sin, thethe product of deceit and lonelinessImmigrant Sun20020
Words As WeaponsSplitLife Sentence20020
YakuzaWay of the DeadCentury Media20021
ZaoParade of ChaosSolid State20020
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