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returntothepit >> discuss >> HOODED MENACE stream new track, Sempiternal Grotesqueries by the_reverend on Jan 8,2018 11:21am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 8,2018 11:21am
HOODED MENACE stream new track, "Sempiternal Grotesqueries"

Finland's overlords HOODED MENACE are streaming the third new track off their forthcoming new album, 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed'. The track, another dose of deathly doom titled "Sempiternal Grotesqueries", is streaming now here.


Regarding the new track, HOODED MENACE mastermind Lasse Pyykkö comments: "Once all the songs for 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed' were written, it became clear to us that 'Sempiternal Grotesqueries' was going to be the album's opening track. Unlike on our previous records, there's no intro track on the new album, because we figured that the doomy and atmospheric riff, which kicks off 'Sempiternal Grotesqueries' (and also closes the song) would work just fine as an intro to the album. It sets the mood, and as soon as you have lit the black candles, the song grows into a gripping death doom whirlwind and you're in for a ride with the Blind Dead."

'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed', HOODED MENACE's fifth full-length, will be released worldwide on Jan. 26. 2018. Pre-orders for 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed' are available now, here.

Their most ominous, dark, and mature album to date, 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed' sees HOODED MENACE expertly weave dreary funereal atmospheres with dark melody, which only adds to emotional gravitas of what is sure to be one of the heaviest albums of 2018.

The album art, painted by Adam Burke (SOLSTAFIR, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, VEKTOR, and more) and track list for 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed' can be found below:

Track list
1. Sempiternal Grotesqueries
2. In Eerie Deliverance (click to stream, also available on Spotify)
3. Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness
4. Cascade of Ashes
5. Charnel Reflections (click to stream, also available on Spotify)
6. Black Moss
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